Recommended Sites

If you're looking for weight loss/healthy lifestyle websites, I recommend the following: -  A great online food journal. Encourages calorie counting, but is good for those just getting started with healthy eating and exercise. They have a wonderful forum for those who need recipes, info, etc. - I love Beach Body programs, and am currently using Brazil Butt Lift! I will be trying more of their products and reviewing them here :) - Enter the required information and learn all about your BMR - basal metabolic rate. This number will help you to determine the amount of calories your body needs to operate, keeping you from under-eating. - Katie's amazing dessert recipes are healthy and delicious! You may know her by her Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough dip - the recipe went viral and is amazing (as well as available in a sugar-free version).

Unrelated Links: Not necessarily health or fitness related, but good links all the same! - My Scentsy website! This is the business that allows me to stay home with my kids (and work on my blog!)

I'll be adding more links and recommended websites as I stumble across more!


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